Welcome to the San Dieguito Cotillion

Dance Lessons and Etiquette for Children and Young Adults

The Patronesses of the San Dieguito Cotillion are pleased to¬†welcome you to San Diego’s most enduring dancing and etiquette program. Since 1955, the San Dieguito Cotillion has been teaching children between 5th and 12th grade. This is a multi-year program to educate children into self-confident, respectful and poised adults.

At cotillion, young ladies and gentlemen learn valuable skills that will enhance their everyday lives and give them the ability to carry themselves with grace and dignity across a dance floor and in formal and informal social settings. Children are enrolled from all over San Diego County with classes held conveniently at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

Please feel free to visit the CONTACT US page to request an invitation or register for a cotillion season.

Click the following link to learn the proper way to shake someone’s hand: A proper handshake.