About Us

In 1955

…concerned mothers created the San Dieguito Cotillion as a means to better prepare and educate their children for the future. They realized how important it is for young gentlemen and ladies to conduct themselves with dignity and grace, both on the dance floor and elsewhere. Proper manners and social etiquette are necessary to succeed in almost every aspect of life. The San Dieguito Cotillion has over fifty years of experience in helping young adults better themselves through the implementation and understanding of these skills.

Cotillion is a valuable multi year experience that can hardly be overstated. In addition to instructions in Ballroom, Latin and Swing dances, students also learn correct social manners and etiquette.  We have programs for San Diego children, fifth grade through high school, and we provide instruction and practice in important skills such as dance etiquette, table manners, introductions and the art of elegant social interaction. Students gain confidence and respect for themselves as they learn to dance, become articulate and at ease in social situations and as a result become well prepared and respected young adults in their own communities. The cotillion experience has helped countless San Diego children gain the poise and knowledge needed for all kinds of social events, job and college interviews, national and international travel and ultimately, success in their adult life

San Dieguito Cotillion Board of Directors

Chairman: Mrs. Joanie Mick
Vice Chairman: Ms. Caitria Mick
Secretary: Mrs. Martha Elmer