Dress Code

Cotillion is a formal affair; it teaches the children that one needs to be dressed properly for each affair or activity. We, the Patronesses, the chaperones, the visiting guests and the children all dress up to attend cotillion.

All ladies (females of all ages) will wear knee length, afternoon or party-type dresses and thin soled dress shoes.  Since the children will be active, it is important that these shoes are not slip-ons, open heeled, platform or other types of shoes which will come off easily. The young ladies are always to wear nylons or natural colored tights with their dresses. Short, white gloves are required. No colored gloves, please.

Please note: An appropriate semi-full, knee length dress is perfect. ‘Trendy’ attire is not appropriate for Cotillion. Strapless, low-cut (showing any cleavage), backless, see-through, mini-dresses, mini-skirts, boots, slippers, body glitter, shorts, skirt-pants, skirts or pants of any kind are not allowed. Sweater and skirt combinations are not allowed. Long straight dresses with slits are not to be worn, as it is difficult to dance in them. If dresses have spaghetti straps, please wear a sweater or shrug to cover the shoulder blades and lingerie.  Please wear an appropriate knee length or tea length dress.

Gentlemen (males of all ages) are required to wear a suit or sports coat with dress slacks, dress shirt, tie and dress shoes with matching dress socks. Dress socks are to cover the ankle bones. Tennis shoes of any kind are not permitted. Extreme hairstyles are highly discouraged. If hair is long, the gentlemen need to pull it back out of their face.

Theme dances:

“Roaring Twenties” – ’20s attire is optional for this dance. Suggestions in costuming would be flapper dresses for young ladies. Suits with spats and/or fedoras are nice for costumes of the gentlemen. For a more casual look dress shirts with suspenders and slacks or knickerbockers.

“Rock Around the Clock” – ’50s attire is optional for this dance. Suggestions in costuming would be poodle skirts and sweaters for the young ladies. The ladies may NOT wear pants. Jeans, a white t-shirt, and leather jacket for the gentlemen.

More information will be forthcoming in our newsletter.


Parents may observe from the patio, watching through the windows and when outside the room do not need to be in cotillion attire. Parents are welcome, and encouraged, to observe.  It is important to be a good role model for the children! White gloves are only required for chaperones, and are not necessary for observers and guests.