San Dieguito Cotillion seasons consist of 8 events (dances) per grade.  Please review the following items when attending a cotillion event.

  • Since cotillion is a formal affair, we teach children to dress properly for this activity. We, the Patronesses, the chaperones, the visiting guests and the children all dress up to attend cotillion. Please see more about our dress code here.
  • The cotillion is held in the Mission Tower and the 17 Hands Room at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, information given in the reminder before each class. Please be attentive to potential gate changes, as fairground management may issue a required change. We will do our best to communicate this well ahead of the cotillion events. You can click here for the location.
  • The event schedule contains important information. Please be sure to check the event schedule regularly. Please click here for this season’s schedule of events.