Below are some letters from young adults and parents to the San Dieguito Cotillion.

“The program is amazing.  I was certainly impressed by the content, instruction, assistance, the command of attention, behavior and attitude of the students.  It came together so nicely.  I am proud to be a part of this wonderful program.  Since my son and I were already dressed up we went to dinner at a local restaurant afterwards.  My son was complimented and encouraged by two separate patrons.  They both said to continue Cotillion the education you receive will take you far in life.”~JB-parent

“The many insightful etiquette lessons have only reinforced what my parents have always taught me. Cotillion teaches invaluable life skills; from proper social behavior to table manners. It teaches us, as students, to be respectable young adults because WE are the future of this country and we need to represent it well. Cotillion has influenced my life in the best ways. It has given me grace and self-confidence, leadership skills and the ability to open up to people. Cotillion has encouraged me to come out of my shell, my comfort zone, and for that I am forever indebted.” CM-graduate

 “Cotillion has greatly increased my confidence as a young man in the social environment. I am fortunate to say that I leave each night with new knowledge and experience on many important etiquette skills that I will use for the rest of my life.” ER-graduate

 “Cotillion has given me the tools to become a gentleman. Without cotillion, I would only be a man. From crucial manners and etiquette to perfect dance moves, I have learned everything from cotillion I will need to eat in front of my fiancée’s parents and dance at my wedding. Most importantly though, I have perfected the skill of talking and acting correctly around people I have just met. And like Mrs. Galente has said since I started cotillion, a first impression is a lasting impression.” SB-graduate

 “This is my 8th year at the San Dieguito Cotillion. Fifth grade seems so long ago now, and I remember how awkward I felt in the very beginning. But soon I learned proper social behaviors for a formal affair. I am definitely a better person after the good times and socializing I have had here and it is prevalent in everything I do.”

 “Thank you for this excellent newsletter.  I think I had underestimated the value of participating in cotillion.  There are many lessons that are easily learned with the right environment and positive peer pressure.  I’m excited to witness it!”

 “I just wanted you to know about my son’s, a seventh grader, first experience with Cotillion. He went in knowing no one or nothing about the evening other than a partial download of the newsletter. All I can say is, he went in there as a boy and came out a young man! He loved the experience and told me after the evening was over, “I wish Cotillion was every Saturday night”. Thank you for this tradition and for the chance my son has in learning how to conduct himself as a gentleman. It’s amazing to see the respect he gained from just one night!”

 “After participating in Cotillion for two years, I have come to realize that it has been a tremendous help in so many situations! I had to sit in the front row of my graduation ceremony, and because of the Cotillion Dinner Dance, I knew how to sit pretty and still for a long period of time. I am in contact with a father of another girl in Cotillion who showed interest in helping further my future career, and that has helped me SO much in the past 6 months. And then, of course, there is the dancing! You taught me so much, and because of Cotillion, I feel prepared as I start my first week at college. Thank you so much for giving your time to me and my peers to teach us how to be adults. It has really made a difference for me.  Thank you!”

 “I am writing to thank you for the wonderful experience my son had in the 5th grade cotillion class. He participated at our request, and had a good attitude about going most of the time. Even though he had to miss some of the events due to conflicts, I believe that he got a tremendous amount out of the experience. The opportunity to dress and act like a gentleman was much needed!

He has said he will participate again next year. No doubt the 2 trophies he came home with influenced that decision! This evening was a very nice ending to a very good experience for him. I am certain it helped his confidence.  Thank you for all your efforts.”

 “Thank you so much for all the time and effort you poured into Cotillion. I have enjoyed it for 5 wonderful years and have learned so much. The dances have been challenging at times, but they have always been a joy to get to try. Thank you for giving all us students your lessons on manners, table etiquette and general life advice. They are skills and pieces of wisdom that I will be able to use all my life, not just in the immediate years after college. My Senior year in Cotillion has been a great conclusion to the whole learning experience. I didn’t have my closest friends around me and, in a way, it freed me to meet new people, try new things and build more confidence. All in all, Cotillion has been a significant part of my high school life and I am so glad that you worked hard to make that happen, not just for me but for every person who walks in. Thank you for everything that you did to make Cotillion an enjoyable learning experience. May God bless you in the years to come!”

 “I wanted to extend my gratitude for such a wonderful program. We picked our son up today and he absolutely loved it. He said at least three times that he wanted to go back to cotillion; I would consider that a success. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Thank you.”

 “My son participated in my sister’s wedding this weekend, and I have to say, he had so much confidence walking our mother down the aisle, reading an excerpt from a book in front of everyone, achieving eye contact and connecting with people in the most important parts, and most of all- ripping it up on the dance floor! I know he’s learned a lot about taking a girl’s hand and how to posture himself from you. He was so handsome, and I received so many compliments about him being such a gentleman. He is an amazing boy, and I wanted to thank you and your staff so much for helping to polish him and refine his skills in etiquette.”

 “I have the pleasure of informing you that I was accepted to Stanford University. All of your etiquette lessons have helped me through many college and scholarship interviews and helped me get into Stanford.   Thank you for your dedication to cotillion and my future.  I appreciate you.”

 “It has been quite a while since I have been home from my new residence in Davis, California so I haven’t had the chance to visit or say hello. I am studying hard and loving college. Earlier this week I received an invitation for a gala that was an award ceremony for the “Prize” teacher at UC Davis (basically an award for the professor of the year). From the invitation it seemed like a formal event where I could meet a lot of new people including the chancellor, the provost, and other big names in Davis. The event was quite an experience and surpassed the expectations I had.

I am e-mailing you because at each move I made I couldn’t help but be reminded of how much this gala resembled the dinner dance events I would attend at cotillion. I knew just what to do to make a good impression and I have to thank you for all that you and the San Dieguito Cotillion as a whole taught me. I hope that all is well and you are having a wonderful spring season.”

 “Stumbled onto The San Dieguito Website. Great to see this is still happening.

Attended Cotillion in RSF in the 1960’s.. That experience engendered a lifetime love of partner dancing that I continue to share.

Thank You.”